Proposed Driving Test Changes

Driving test changes could be on there way as the government considers implementing some new rules. The main aim is to improve road safety among the younger generation, primarily 17-24 years. The proposed changes could also help reduce insurance premiums.

Top 10 Driving Test Mistakes

Everyone would like to pass their driving test first time but when this doesn’t happen, its normally down to simple mistakes. To give you the best possible chance of passing your driving test, we have asked our senior driving instructor to explain the most common ones.

Driving Your Career

When you are considering taking driving lessons, probably the last thing on your mind is how this could help your job prospects. Of course been able to drive gives you more freedom and helps with your social life. The ability to jump in your car and drive anywhere you want is a great feeling. Not…

The Road to Toot Driving School

The Road to Toot Driving School

Toot may be a new driving school but it has been formed from solid foundations. Formally known as Mission Passable Driving School which was established in 2004 by our senior instructor David Rossinelli. Dave became a driving instructor at a fairly young age (23), he formed Mission Passable soon after qualifying as a driving instructor…