Unlicensed Driving Instructor Warnings

Unlicensed Driving Instructor Warnings

There has been talk recently in the news about unlicensed driving instructors with roadside checks uncovering individuals teaching without any formal qualifications. This can present many dangers to the pupils, firstly they would not have undertaken the many tests set out by the DSA which ensure driving instructors have the relevant skills and qualifications.

The Little Black Box

As insurance costs continue to rise, there may be a new way you can save some money. Years ago if we were referring to a black box it would usually mean we were talking about aeroplanes. These days some of the same technology can be used in our motorcars to relay information back to your…

Top Three Annoying Driving Habits

The government today announced new measures that will help combat the top three annoying driving habits. On the spot fines of £100 and 3 penalty points will be issued to: Tailgaters Middle lane hoggers Mobile phone abusers

Proposed Driving Test Changes

Driving test changes could be on there way as the government considers implementing some new rules. The main aim is to improve road safety among the younger generation, primarily 17-24 years. The proposed changes could also help reduce insurance premiums.