The Little Black Box

As insurance costs continue to rise, there may be a new way you can save some money. Years ago if we were referring to a black box it would usually mean we were talking about aeroplanes. These days some of the same technology can be used in our motorcars to relay information back to your insurance company.

How does the Black Box Work?

If you choose to take out an insurance policy with a black box transmitter, your insurance company will have to fit the box to your motor vehicle.

The box is usually the size of a smart phone and will be hidden out of sight. The Box transmits information back to your insurance company about how, when and where you are driving and can also measure things such as your acceleration and braking trends.

Depending on what policy you take out you may be limited to when and where you can drive. Insurance companies will usually provide reward points / discounts for good driving and will add extra cost for driving outside your limitations. Black box policies are usually a lot cheaper than traditional insurance policies as long as you drive safely.

What will the Black Box Be Looking for?

The Black Box will measure the following aspects of your driving:

  • Time of day you travel- some providers don’t allow you to travel late evening this is seen as a high risk time especially for young drivers.
  • Your Speed – You must stay within the speed limits
  • Distance Travelled – How many miles you travel
  • Your driving trends – Such as rapid acceleration and braking
  • Stop and Start times – You will need to take breaks on long journeys

What Restrictions are Placed on Black Box Policies?

Depending on which policy you take out some of the following restrictions will apply:

  • Annual Mileage Restrictions – Depending on which policy you take, you will be restricted to around 6000 to 8000 miles a year. Extra charges will apply if you go over this limit.
  • Time Of Day you travel – Restrictions can be placed on the time of day / night you can travel.
  • Distance allowed to travel without taking a break

The Black Box policy can be very effective and cost efficient way of getting on the road for young drivers who are looking for an alternative to a traditional insurance policy. It can also provide reassurance to parents.

Black Box policies encourage good driving practice and safe driving. Why not take a look.. below are some links to insurance companies providing the black box option.

You could also take pass plus training to help reduce your insurance costs. Here at Toot driving school we offer this training, feel free to call us on 07921923288 for further information and bookings.

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