Proposed Driving Test Changes

Driving test changes could be on there way as the government considers implementing some new rules.

The main aim is to improve road safety among the younger generation, primarily 17-24 years. The proposed changes could also help reduce insurance premiums.

Let’s take a look at some of the proposed driving test changes:

  • Setting a minimum learning period of 1 year
  • Allow learners to start at either 16 or 16 and a half years old
  • Learn in varied conditions including at night, adverse weather conditions, motorways
  • Restrictions on alcohol
  • Extend probationary period

Could be on the Road Earlier

Anything to improve the safety of young drivers will be welcomed. Setting a minimum learning period of 1 year will mean that you will gain a lot more experience.

The age at which you pass your driving test shouldn’t be affected if they lower the starting age. It is possible you could find yourself on the road even earlier, if the learning age is dropped to 16 years old.

Important Driving Test Changes

One of the most important changes could be giving learners practice in different conditions. Driving at night is very different to during the day with new risks associated with it. Practice on motorways would also be a great addition, many learners find themselves nervous when driving on motorways for the first time.

Instructors would be able to share their knowledge, giving learners the skills and confidence to drive on Britain’s motorways.

Another Change?

Another driving test change that could improve safety is reducing the number of passengers allowed to be carried. Having a car full of young people may be distracting and a reduction could help with your concentration for an initial period.

I think you would agree anything to make sure young drivers are safe is important. The fact that the proposed driving test changes can only help reduce insurance costs is another great advantage.

Share your Views

Share your views on the topics discussed! Do you think these driving test changes would improve your driving? As a young person learning to drive, how would you feel been taught for a year? Would you be more confident with additional motorway and night training?

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