Unlicensed Driving Instructor Warnings

Unlicensed Driving Instructor Warnings

There has been talk recently in the news about unlicensed driving instructors with roadside checks uncovering individuals teaching without any formal qualifications.

This can present many dangers to the pupils, firstly they would not have undertaken the many tests set out by the DSA which ensure driving instructors have the relevant skills and qualifications.

A qualified driving instructor will make sure you have the safe driving skills for life and will set out a programme to achieve this. They will also have to be regularly checked by the driving standards agency to ensure they meet the high standards expected.

Not only that, but the criminal background checks won’t have been carried out on these individuals.

It is sometimes difficult at first glance to spot an unlicensed driving instructor, mainly due to them making themselves look like a reputable driving school. The easiest way to check is by looking in the passenger side windscreen, there you should find a green or pink badge.

The green badge means the driving instructor is fully qualified and has regular checks from the DSA. On the other hand, the pink badge means the person can teach up to a maximum of 6 months whilst still gaining teaching experience.

Don’t be afraid to check this badge before getting in the car, it should display your instructors photograph, an expiry date and a unique number.

Here at Toot Driving School we only use fully qualified driving instructors with green badges displayed in all our vehicles. If you are looking for driving lessons in the Teesside area contact David on 07921 923 288.

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