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High Quality Driving Lessons in Teesside with Approved Driving Instructors

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Start your adventure… take your driving lessons in Teesside with the experts. We are an experienced driving school with a great reputation.

Friendly and easy to get along with, we will provide you with quality tuition.

Brilliant Pass Rates

Our quality driving instructors will make sure you get through your driving test successfully. Your driving lessons in teesside will be planned and structured, making sure you get the most out of each one of them.

Local Test Route Knowledge

We have extensive knowledge of all the test routes in Teesside. Whilst on your driving lessons in Teesside you will be given plenty of practice on the challenges you may face. You will be taught the necessary skills to become a safe driver for life.

Approved Driving Instructors

Your driving lessons in Teesside will be taught by ADI approved driving instructors. This means they have taken advanced driver training and can pass their skills onto you. An ADI displays a green badge in the windscreen which all our instructors have.

Learning to Drive in Teesside

Teesside is a great place for learners because of the number of different types of roads available. There are plenty of industrial estates to make you feel more comfortable in the early stages. Then as you progress, teesside has more major roads to widen your driving skills.

Learn in New Ford Fiesta

Your tuition car the ford fiesta will make your life on the road much easier. That’s because it has great handling and provides a comfortable driving experience. Your driving lessons in teesside will be enjoyable and fun.

If you are looking for quality tuition and an enjoyable experience, then give David a call on 07921923288 to get your driving lessons in Teesside started.

Why Choose Us

  • Highly trained professionals
  • Great pass rates
  • Quality tuition
  • Enjoyable driving lessons
  • Learn in new ford fiesta
  • Excellent test route knowledge
  • Choose your pickup/drop off location

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Officially Approved Driving School Teesside

driving-instructor-teessideDavid Rossinelli

Senior Driving Instructor Teesside

Local instructor David has been providing driving lessons in Teesside for 10 years. Freindly and easy to get along with.

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