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We have noticed recently there has been confusion surrounding yellow box junctions, in particular the one at Normanby Road junction turning into fabian road.

We will now talk you through the different scenarios that may occur at this particular junction.

Scenario 1

You are approaching the traffic lights and are intending to proceed straight forward. The traffic lights are on green with traffic built up immediately after the yellow box.

What should i do?

You should wait behind the white line until the traffic has cleared and it is safe to proceed without obstructing the junction. You should also check the traffic lights are on green once the traffic clears.

Scenario 2

You are approaching the junction, the lights are on red and you are turning right.

What i should i do?

Firstly you should stop at the traffic lights, when the lights turn to green you can proceed forward into the yellow box.

If there is oncoming traffic you are allowed to stop in the yellow box and wait for a suitable gap in the traffic. You can also proceed when the green filter appears or the lights to turn back to red.

Just clarify you are allowed to stop in the yellow box in this particular scenario.

Yellow Box Junction Middlesbrough

Picture courtesy of Google Maps.

Other points to consider

  • Plan well ahead when trying to stay clear of yellow box junctions
  • Anticipate the length of your vehicle and make sure you don’t obstruct the box
  • Remember you can wait in a box junction when turning right when the only thing stopping you turning right is the oncoming traffic.
  • You may come across some junctions where the markings are faded, so pay particular attention.
  • Watch out for pedestrians trying to cross the road when you are waiting for the box junction to clear. They may think the traffic lights have turned to red.

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