Top Three Annoying Driving Habits

The government today announced new measures that will help combat the top three annoying driving habits. On the spot fines of £100 and 3 penalty points will be issued to:

  • Tailgaters
  • Middle lane hoggers
  • Mobile phone abusers


This is a common problem with road users driving too close to the car in front. You must have sufficient distance from the vehicle in case you have to stop suddenly.

Avoid Tailgating

The general rule is driving at least 2 seconds behind the vehicle in front when its normal conditions. If the conditions are poor then the time needs to be doubled.

The best way to check your distance is by picking a mark on the road or an object to the left of the road. Once the car in front has passed this landmark, count one thousand one, one thousand two.

If your car passes this point of reference before you have finished counting, then you are too close to the vehicle in front and need to drop back.

Middle Lane Hoggers

Congestion is the result of people hogging the middle lane and  means the capacity of the motorway is reduced. On many occasions it is common to see the left lane completely empty but drivers insisting on staying in the middle lane.

Driving Correctly on the Motorway

The highway code states that when you find the road ahead is clear, then you should position your vehicle in the left hand lane. But if the vehicles in front are going at a slower pace, then you can use the middle lane to overtake and then return to the left lane when safe to do so.

Overtaking a vehicle in the middle lane whilst you are positioned in the left lane is called “undertaking”. This should be avoided at all times.

Mobile Phone Abusers

Using a mobile phone whilst driving is very dangerous and can slow your reaction times. Its been compared with being at the drink drive limit or taking cannabis.

Evidence shows that if you use a mobile phone when driving, then this considerably increases the accident risk. Even hands free sets can be distracting.

The best advice is not using your mobile phone at all when driving a vehicle. This will ensure you and other road users are kept safe and the chance of an accident are considerably reduced.

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